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A new online travel resource bringing you a global guide of where to go, where to eat, what to wear and many more…

■ Introducing luxury & most original travel places/accommodation/services/lifestyles from around the world;
■ Introducing top and most original destinations
■ Introducing top and trendy dining

Thus providing you with the palette of living of what to do, see & visit.
And although listed properties are selected very carefully through out a long process and up to our criteria's we also looking for that extra something which will make your stay memorable and makes you want to come back. We want to introduce you different destinations (travelled & just discovered) in a simple and informative way. We are passionate about travel and lifestyle. We want to discover and share what we have discovered. Uniting all the above to present this directory, so
Dream - "To Sleep Perchance to Dream"
Explore – "Our Travels have the essence of a Dream"
Discover – "And Home is not Home until You return."