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Twitter for your Brand. Yay or Nay?

Have you considered Twitter as a social media platform for your brand? Are you already on Twitter but feels like you getting nowhere?

In Social Media consistent is the KEY but so do other very important factors… Today we are sharing our TOP 5 TWITTER TIPS on how to use Twitter effectively. If you are interested to learn more – get in touch for your one-on-one Twitter training.

✔Optimize your BIO with all the required info including your website address.

✔Tweet regularly a minimum of 30 times a day (that includes your own tweets, shares, and re-tweets).

✔Use hashtags in your tweets (no more than 2 per tweet as those get more engagement). ✔Engage in Twitter chats (e.g #TravelChatSA)

✔Share visuals: pictures and short videos.

Let’s connect on #Twitter too – – feel free to ask questions and engage with us there!

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