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Keep the flame alive! Firehawk Bellows – designed and handcrafted to suit all of your Fire & Braai needs.

What is a fire bellow?

“Fireplace bellows are handy fireplace accessories that add convenience and character to your hearth. Aside from being used to kick start a fire or stoke a dying fire our fireplace bellows also serve a decorative purpose around the fireplace.”

Needing to look good in front of your guests, friends, or a romantic date with an impressive fire? Wet wood and winds driving you crazy enough to consider getting fast food? Cold enough to crawl into your tent and give up watching wood burn?

Having your very own Firehawk Bellow means having a decent fire – yes, enough to cook those burger patties and grill that expensive steak. No more paper plate fanning or hyperventilating. The Firehawk bellows pack a great (wind) punch for your fire and no red face in sight.

Everyone should own a Firehawk Bellow. This ultimate handcrafted fire tool emblazed with the flaming hawk stamp – the mark of a genuine top-notch  bellow. Created with outstanding attention to fine craftsmanship, design detail and creativeness from quality materials. Firehawk Bellows are  perfect  for a wide variety of uses such as braaing, camping,those travel adventures or as a gift. All with eyes wide open, no smoke in the eyes!

Firehawk Bellows are available in various shapes and sizes and customised rope colour handles. They come in two ranges: 

Premium range is made from imported Birch plywood for strength, durability and lightness. 5 designs are available in small or large size.

  • The variety of shapes allows one to choose a design to suit one’s personality and all function equally well.
  • Small bellows are compact for traveling, camping, gifting and great for retail merchandise, they have a fast pump action for rapid blast of targeted air.
  • Large bellows are very traditional and have a slower pump action with longer blasts of targeted air.

Traditional range is made of caramel Bamboo for the darker colour, maintaining a modern feel and strength. For this range Firehawk Bellows are offered in 3 models in large.

Wholesale, Retail, Merchandising and Corporate Gifts

Looking for a quirky corporate gift or new stock item for your store? Firehawk Bellows are available for wholesale, retail, merchandising and corporate gifts. Make it the ultimate wow-factor by personalising your gift.

  • For wholesale pricing a minimum order of 15 identical bellows is required. The handle wraps can be customised to match brands or corporate colours.
  • On larger orders bellows can be customised to include a logo on the front panel for an additional fee.
  • Quotations will only be issued on receipt of a formal email request.

Factory Retail Prices

A small selection of  “off the shelf” bellows are available for once off and walk in buyers. If you would like a specific style and handle wrap colour, please place your order via email before visiting their studio. Unfortunately no personalised bellows for orders less than 15 bellows. Don’t miss out on these masterfully constructed bellows, keep those fires burning.


Please hope over to Firehawk Bellows Website to view all the current prices.

Collection from  Cape Town studio by appointment only or courier delivery (additional costs will apply).

To find out more or simply place an order please visit or contact them directly by emailing info(at)

T: +27 (0) 21 447 1615 

For updates follow on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Issued by Travel Opulent Box Media & Communications on behalf of Firehawk Bellows.

Images by Travelbug Rose.



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