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1,000 reasons to love South Africa. Join our last in 2021 #TravelChatSA, Wednesday the 15th of December at 7 pm with our guest Co-Host @AvaniLodge.

Chat no: #343

Date & Time: 15th December at 7 PM SAST (UCT +2)

Topic: 1,000 reasons to love South Africa.


Q1 There is way more than 1000 reasons to love #SouthAfrica. Please share your personal TOP 3! Share a picture via @travelopulent #TravelChatSA (19:00)

Q2 Please share (four) photos that explain why you love South Africa. No caption is needed. Don’t forget to use the #TravelChatSA hashtag via @DoroLef (19:15)

Q3 Share your love for #SouthAfrica through food pictures via @traveltonia #TravelChatSA #TravelChatSA (19:30)

Q4 If #SouthAfrica was a person you’re madly in love with, what would you pick as a 2021 Christmas gift to SA and why? Share a picture via @winelands #TravelChatSA (19:45)

BONUS Q5 Share a Festive Season shout out to your favourite place – all in support of the travel industry in #SouthAfrica. Share a picture via @AvaniLodge #TravelChatSA (19:55)

How it works:

Follow our Host @travelopulent@TravelChatSA and @dorolef.

Follow our Guest Co-Hosts of the evening: @AvaniLodge

Follow Hashtag #TravelChatSA and tweet chat stream HERE.

DO remember to use the chat hashtag #TravelChatSA in each tweet (we don’t want to miss anything you say)

Answer Questions posted every 15 min; Connect with others, Tweet, Re-Tweet, Converse and Enjoy the Chat!

Make sure your Twitter feed is not private. Your posts won’t come up on the chat even if you have a hashtag.

If you’d like to sponsor #TravelChatSA, sponsor a prize, suggest a topic or become a co-host – please get in touch here or DM us @travelopulent.#TravelChatSA is a great way to get brand recognition and create a buzz around your brand among tweeter hosts and co-hosts, participants and hundreds of thousands of followers. You will achieve all that and more in a one-hour #TravelChatSA conversation chat.

No “Self-Promotion” Tweets & Spam (if you have a question regarding what constitutes spam, get in touch).

We are here to inspire! The pandemic is ongoing, and we recommend checking and following all local travel advice before you hit the road. You can ask your future host/travel provider before you go. Stay safe!

This will be our last chats for the year before the Festive Season starting the 16th December until the 17th January 2022.



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