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Celebrate the beauty this Women’s Month at aNEWu / Gardens, Cape Town

It is time to celebrate the beauty of Women’s Month this August with the tranquillity and harmony of becoming a new you with aNEWu, a newly opened Beauty & Wellness Spa situated at
79 Roeland Street, Gardens, Cape Town.

Owner and Head Therapist Thys Otto started in the health and beauty industry over a decade ago. Having first realised the need for skin care at a young age by saying that ‘…if you only do one thing every day, it’s wear sunscreen…’ as most people realise this too late in life and then need to spend thousands of rands to do damage repair. Industry experience and qualifications have taught him that the skin is the biggest organ of the body, and different parts of the body are exposed to the sun daily. the skin has various protection needs, all of which this beauty Spa can assist with.

Otto first opened his Beauty & Wellness Spa in Tzaneen, and after almost 2 years decided that he wanted to grow his business and did so by opening his main Spa now at 79 Roeland Street, Gardens, Cape Town, situated on the 4th Floor. When asked why the location, Otto states that ‘… I always wanted to live in Cape Town, grow my business here, help people, and teach them the lessons I have learnt having done mobile work across the country, the pandemic taught me that life is short, and one should always pursue your dreams.’ Otto has done mobile work in Johannesburg & Pretoria and services those clients when travelling. The current Spa is situated in a property that has a great number of health offerings that consisting of a Gym, a Pilates Studio, Biokinetics Studio, and a Dance Studio which really creates an environment of holistic health and wellness.

aNEWu offers some amazing services which include:

  • Facial Treatments
  • Non-surgical Face Lifts
  • Various Massages
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Trauma Release Therapy (TRE)
  • Holistic Massages
  • Access Bars
  • Micro-needling

This Women’s Month aNEWu is doing everything to help the important women in your life relax and is running a vast variety of great deals to leave the special lady from your mom to your boss feeling like a new person. To view their services please click here:

Of the many services aNEWu offers, their 2-hour massage is the most popular followed by their 90minute massage. This is followed by their non-surgical facelifts. To book and view their great deals for Women’s Month click here.

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Issued by Björn L. Salsone from TNC Marketing and PR



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