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Belia Oh Photography – your ideal Event and Real Estate Photographer / Cape Town, South Africa

In today’s life everyone “seems to be a photographer” as long as they have a smartphone and are in the right place, at the right time to capture the moment. However, we truly believe that hiring a professional photographer for your important events, special occasions, large-scale conferences or to showcase your product is the only beneficial choice you will make.

Photography is the art of capturing memories; memories that you’d be able to look back and enjoy at any time. Having a professional photograph your wedding, family celebration, business event, concert, birthday, or any other special occasion is an assurance that those moments will be captured with professionalism and an eye for detail.

The same applies when showcasing a product, your business, accommodation, or restaurant. Having galleries of high-quality images on your website, or social media is the way to catch the attention of your potential clients.

Belia Oh Photography – behind the scenes

Belia Oh Photography was born naturally. Belia was given a camera in 2011 and she was told she had a photographic eye. Many events and gigs later, photographs posted on Facebook, and positive feedback received from friends and strangers who asked her to capture their events, weddings, and celebrations – she decided to make a career of it.

Still going strong Belia Oh Photography specialises in events, weddings, real estate, and stock photography. Having been hired nationally and internationally her portfolio speaks for itself and she has the experience as well as tons of reviews from happy clients to prove it.

We met up with Belia and asked her to share some facts about her and her work:

📸 I’m very self-aware and empathetic so I’ll always make sure photos of my clients are flattering.

📸 I’ve traveled to five of the seven continents.

📸 I love the Blues (and most music genres)! I photographed a Blues Festival in Greenville, Mississippi (birthplace of the Blues).

📸 One of the highlights of my career: I was flown to Europe to photograph a wedding and spent two weeks traveling there.

📸 I’ve photographed hundreds of South African musicians and bands.

📸 My work has been featured in a few prestigious magazines including Rolling Stone.

Belia Oh Photography – Concerts

If you are searching for an event photographer, wedding, special celebration or looking to level up your businesses stock photography – get in touch with Belia today: +27 (0) 82 523 4761 | |

For updates and recent work follow her on social media: Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin.

Images courtesy of Belia Oh Photography. Text travel opulent box.



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