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Sweet Tooth Craving Hot Spots to Visit in Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the best foodie destinations in the world and while our beautiful city caters to tastes and food preferences of all kinds (including dairy- and gluten-free options and vegan-friendly cuisine) — there can be no doubt that the Mother City certainly caters to those of us with a sizeable sweet tooth!

So, whether you are craving vegan ice-cream, American-style cookies or even something more exotic, here are some sweet tooth hot spots to visit in Cape Town to indulge all your cravings!

Sorbetiere Artisan Sorbet & Ice Cream (Side Street Studios, Woodstock)

Image Courtesy of Sorbetiere

Taking their cue from nature to make beautiful, delicious local, artisan sorbet and ice-cream products (with a seasonal twist) – Sorbetiere has been wowing Woodstock since 2013.

If you wish to enjoy a sweet treat minus the guilt, you will love Sorbetiere’s natural ingredients and tasty homemade cones.

French chef Beran brings flavour and flair to each decadent creation, from their ice-cream cakes to their cornettos, bonbons and even takeaway tubs and ice-creams too!

They also offer flavours to suit everyone’s taste buds – from iconic, classic ice-cream flavours to those designed for more adventurous palates.

You can visit Sorbetiere in their cosy Woodstock shop and enjoy sampling their ice-creams and sorbet. Alternatively, find their products at one of their local stockists (spread across Cape Town and the Western Cape).

For updates, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Website HERE.

Mochi Mochi by Tori (Longmarket Street, Cape Town)

Image courtesy of Mochi Mochi by Torii via Facebook

If you haven’t heard of ‘mochi’ – a traditional Japanese treat – before, then let us elaborate for you. Mochi is a tasty, glutinous rice cake pounded into a smooth, chewy and squishy shape.

At Mochi Mochi by Torii, a Japanese-style popup in the CBD, you can try this Asian delicacy in a range of different truffle-sized treats. These treats come in a range of unique and interesting flavours – like matcha, milk tart, Turkish Delight and Tonka bean chocolate.

If you are more of a traditionalist, try the mitarashi dango (essentially skewered mochi dumplings, topped with kinako and soy caramel) or red bean pancakes, properly known as dorayaki.

Mochi Mochi also sells a popular Japanese-style cheesecake (served with miso caramel), as well as some baked goods in-store, like miso sticky buns and melon pan.

Whatever you decide to order at Mochi Mochi, one thing is for certain: there is no better way to dip into the world of Japanese desserts than at this cosy Cape Town shop!

For updates, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Website HERE.

Cookie Co (Bree Street, Cape Town)

Image Courtesy of Cookie Co Instagram

Cookie Co. recently launched in Bree Street (they are also available in Johannesburg), bringing a taste of classic American cookies (think: a crisp cookie exterior with a melt-in-your-mouth gooey centre) to the Mother City.

This exciting cookie store has everything from classic, hard-to-beat chocolate chip cookies to some South African-style offerings, like milk tart cookies. They believe in using the finest ingredients to create wondrous cookie creations.

In addition to their cookies and coffee, this store also doubles as a sweet shop and cereal supplier (stocking famous brands like Lucky Charms and Reese’s peanut butter cups) and even serves their own ice-cream too!

For updates, follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

Ditto Ice Cream (Kloof Street, Cape Town)

Image Courtesy Ditto Ice Cream Instagram

Ice-cream lovers: this one’s for you! Ditto is an enticing Kloof Street-based ice-cream parlour and waffle house, brought to you by Oh Oat Milk, producers of Cape Town’s most beloved oat milks.

Best of all, Ditto is the Mother City’s only purely plant-based, 100% vegan ice-cream shop.

In July 2022, Ditto added a waffle house to the mix, making them the perfect one-stop spot for all your sweet cravings!

What’s more, both Ditto’s ice-cream and waffles are made using Oh Oat milk and they have five great waffles flavours for you to enjoy.

For updates, follow them on Instagram.

Website HERE.

Which of these sweet tooth-craving hot spots in Cape Town are you keen to visit first? Let us know in the comments below. 

Written by Tamlyn Ryan for Travel Opulent Box.

Lead image courtesy of Mochi Mochi by Torii via Facebook



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