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Bruce Jack Wines invite you to celebrate Mother’s Day on the 12th of May in sparkling style. We also happen to celebrate World Moscato Day (9th May) and World Bee Day (20th May) this month, so Bruce Jack Bumble Bee Moscato is the perfect choice for any celebration.

Indulge in the exquisite flavours of Bruce Jack Bumble Bee Moscato. Savour its delightful floral aroma, lively bubbles, and harmonious blend of ripe peaches, tangy tangerine, and sweet honey, perfectly complemented by a refreshing acidity. Allow its lingering finish to captivate your palate, making each sip a memorable experience.

Serve well chilled! Not only is it a delicious sipper on its own, it is also fabulously food-friendly. A versatile companion to a wide range of dishes, from oysters, mussels and grilled fish to spicy Asian cuisine. It is also a perfect partner to creamy desserts.

So, top up your glass with Bruce Jack Bumble Bee Moscato and fill your day with love, laughter, sunshine and joy!

This refreshing low alcohol sparkling wine made from Muscat d’Alexandrie grapes (also known as Hanepoot in South Africa), is the perfect drink for an easy going get together. Light, refreshing, bubbly and fun, Bruce Jack Bumble Bee is charmingly drinkable and very easy to love.  

It delights the senses while also honouring the environment. The choice of the bumble bee as this Moscato’s namesake highlights Bruce Jack’s commitment to biodiversity and the essential role of bees in the ecosystem.

For a special treat, whip up your own cocktail with a touch of grenadine, a sprig of fresh thyme, and garnish with sliced strawberries. Or opt for a simpler option with fresh orange juice topped with a slice of orange. Either way, you’ll enjoy deliciously refreshing drinks.

Purchase Bruce Jack Bumble Bee Moscato

Pop into your local Spar or Tops at Spar

Or buy online for R90 at  https://brucejack.com/product/bruce-jack-bumble-bee/

More about Bruce Jack Lifestyle Bumble Bee Moscato

The Bumble Bee Moscato (100% Muscat d’Alexandrie) is sourced entirely from the Breedekloof Valley where the vineyards benefit from morning mountain shade and a moderate amount of rainfall, producing fresh fruit quality and bright acidity.

Bruce Jack Bumble Bee Moscato is not just a wine; it’s a celebration in a bottle. It is a testament to the expertise and passion that chief  winemaker Bruce Jack pours into every bottle. Bruce Jack Wines consistently receive praise for their quality and innovation, including the Bumble Bee Moscato – a recipient of a Gold medal at the Michelangelo Wine and Spirits Awards.


Bruce Jack, legendary winemaker extraordinaire, has opened a cellar door in the Mother City, the one-and-only, first-ever rooftop wine tasting centre with a pool deck and spectacular 360° views. Joy’n the Fun at Jack@SKYE, where it is always Joy O’Clock, for some delicious canapé and wine pairings. Knowledgeable brand ambassador, Awonke, will guide you through the exciting flights of Bruce Jack Wines. Located at The Hyde Hotel, 13 London Rd, Sea Point. Don’t miss this unique and unforgettable rooftop experience, embracing the magic of Cape Town!

Stanford Wine Bar

For those who wish to explore a little more, why not enjoy a weekend break and experience some of Bruce Jack’s finest wines in the welcoming atmosphere of the Stanford Wine Bar. Whether you’re a wine aficionado or just curious to explore new flavours, this wine bar is the ideal destination. Located at the Stanford Kitchen, 19 Queen Victoria St, Stanford.

Bruce Jack Wines

We are a winemaker-driven, family business and we believe the concept of “value” is as important when enjoying an everyday wine as it is when tasting something rare and very expensive. We take our winecraft very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We believe in having fun, but we also believe in standing up for the underdog and doing the right thing. We believe the best wine always portrays the hallmarks of authenticity and honesty. We believe wine should add joy to life.

The Jack Journal

When Bruce Jack’s not making wine, he’s thinking about ways in which he can bring wine to life. To Bruce the world of wine is a way of exploring almost everything else in life, from religion, to science, to socio-political angst, to geology, to imagination, to breathtaking adventure, to rich history, captivating wildlife, to business, to cultural eccentricities, to inspiring art, music, soulful poetry, food, beer, social upliftment, the environment, surfing… to the very source of life. Thus, Bruce’s Jack Journal was born, an eclectic magazine about the world that wine tries to live in. If we are inspired by what comes out of a wine bottle, what inspires the people that drink it?  The Jack Journal, now on Volume 6, is available at Exclusive Books, selected Woolworths, Spar, Pick ‘n Pay and CNA stores.


Tel: 021 180 3668 · Email: wineadventures@brucejack.com

Website: https://brucejack.com/ · https://www.instagram.com/brucejackwines/

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